TEXXCORE is a «Gazprom khimvolokno» trademark for the high-modulus technical impregnated fabrics of partially crystal structure characterized by low shrinkage and modularity of fabric.

TEXXCORE - is a dipped high modulus industrial fabric made of synthetic yarns with crystalline structure, which allows achieving performance not worse and in some cases even higher than those of common types of fabrics EP, EE and NN.

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what is texxcore?

TEXXCORE – a trade mark of «Gazprom khimvolokno» JSC,
for Polyester technical dipped fabrics characterized by low shrinkage and high modulus.


TEXXCORE is a high modulus dipped technical fabric made from polyester yarn with partially crystalline structure, which allow achieving the properties not worse but in some case even better than those prevalent in the market of fabrics EP, EE and NN. The fabric is designed for the rubber conveyor belts reinforcement manufactured in accordance with DIN 22102-1 standard as well.

TEXXCORE fabric was created by «Gazprom khimvolokno» for the manufacture by consumers of the highest quality conveyor belts with minimal losses.

what is unic in texxcore?

The main features of the fabric TEXXCORE are:
- elevated resistance to repeated deformation;
- stable and uniform adhesive properties;
- increased lightness and rigidity;
- minimal shrinkage, the combined strong edge.


The industrial fabric TEXXCORE is used as a reinforcement material in the production of all types of rubber-textile conveyor belts. Conveyor belts serve for the transportation of large amounts of cargo. In doing so enormous loadings fall on the technical fabrics used as a belt framework. The main purpose of the fabric is to create the module of elasticity, longitudinal and cross rigidity, resistance to wear.



At present there are 7 types of TEXXCORE fabrics – TEXXCORE 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400.

Properties* TEXXCORE
Thickness, mm 0,60 ± 0,15 0,60 ± 0,15 0,60 ± 0,15 0,90 ± 0,10 1,15 ± 0,15 1,40 ± 0,15 1,5 ± 0,2
Breaking strength
N/mm, not less
Warp 130 160 205 260 300 480 500
Weft 60 60 70 90 95 110 120
at break, %
Warp < 25 < 25 < 25 < 25 < 25 < 30 < 35
Weft < 45 < 45 < 45 < 45 < 45 < 55 < 55
Linear density, g/m2 390 ± 20 400 ± 20 440 ± 20 630 ± 30 760 ± 30 1100 ± 50 1100 ± 50
H-test 10mm, N, not less 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Rigidity, cN, not more 140 140 140 140 200 400 700
Shrinkage at 150°С,
%, not more
Warp 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0 3,0
Weft 0,5 0,5 0,5 1,0 1,0 1,0 1,0
Fabric width, cm from 75 to 150, width tolerance ± 0.5cm
Selvage Combined: melted, leno
the fabric length
in a roll, m
1000 500

* The properties could be changed in accordance with the requirements of customers.




Studying the best domestic and foreign practice, operative business relationship with technologists of the leading manufacturers of conveyor belts, regular carrying out of tests and experiments with various composite materials and raw components, both in the laboratory and on the main production lines allow us to receive and to offer to customers new technological solutions to improve the quality and service life of the final product - the conveyor belt.

Due to the usage of our own raw materials, modern and high technology equipment as well as the latest technologies in the field of technical textiles in combination with the manufacture experience controlled by QMS ISO we succeeded to achieve the following advantages of the fabric TEXXCORE:

  • increased resistance to repeated deformation;
  • stable high and uniform adhesive properties;
  • increased lightness and strength without damage to elasticity and tension in different temperatures;
  • stable strong combined edge which allows to produce fabrics without defects associated with fabric sagging due to absence of fabric tightening;
  • minimal shrinkage which is ensured by the stability of the spinning process of own polyester yarn and adjustable crystallinity;
  • optimum deformability under load through the use of high-modulus yarn and dipping mode;
  • accurately sustained geometry of a fabric and the set width;
  • controlled level of a fabric rigidity allows to receive the conveyer belt with a high tenacity and required grooved.

The above indicated advantages allow manufacturers to optimize the recycling process, to produce high quality conveyor belts and to reduce wastes.


Laboratory researches of fabrics at all stages of the manufacture process starting from spinning control with the set properties confirm high rates of the main properties of TEXXCORE.


Measurement Schedule of a maximum breaking strength (N) and deformation (elongation, mm) of TEXXCORE 200 sample.

The schedule shows stability of indicators "breaking strength" and "elongation" on the same sample as well as a high level of tensile load, which is achieved through the use of raw materials of the own production and quality control of finished products at all stages of the entire process to ensure the key control points.


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